Our Services

EMC Consulting Group Inc is the preferred innovation partner, trusted and retained by blue-chip companies for having consistently co-developed products and delivered impeccable services in a timely manner. EMC Consulting Group has established unique brand equity among global customers, through a steadfast focus on technologies, nurturing the finest talent and by exhibiting an uncompromising commitment to fulfilling customer's priorities.

Since the company's inception, we have successfully executed numerous large-scale projects for clients in the Health Care, Financial, Education, Telecommunications, Security and Publishing industries. Thereby maximizing their benefits, which is derived from our depth, diversity and delivery capabilities. Thus, we bring to fore innovative solutions in every business and technology domain. Adali Soft continues to excel in the areas of:

Web technologies

One of the hottest Internet topics over the past year has been the increasing amount of interest and participation in online commerce. Though certainly not new to the web, commerce is the latest frontier being explored by traditional brick and mortar companies. The number of online shoppers has increased dramatically over the past several years, with estimations of online sales grosses in the billions for the coming years. If you are a retailer, manufacturer or distributor of any product, a commerce enabled website is mandatory in remaining competitive in today's marketplace. A commerce enabled website can take many forms and provide a number of different functions. Including, but not limited to: Online catalog online order placement Transaction processing Online order fulfillment Extranet/Business-to-Business applications adding these capabilities to your web presence will often mean the difference between success and failure, and will ultimately impact the ROI for your website.

EMC Consulting Group provides a variety of solutions to meet this variety of needs in commerce enabling our clients' web based applications. From developing the proper back-end solutions, tying together legacy systems with custom web interfaces, to tailoring shopping cart specifications; we work closely with each client to insure maximum revenue potential is met through design and implementation of the most scalable and customizable commerce applications. We work with several third-party software vendors to insure that the most flexible and appropriate components are integrated to provide a seamless online shopping experience for your customers. Since our inception in 1996, we have successfully finished numerous full-scale projects for clients in the financial services, Telecommunication, and publishing industries. Our core management team and technical staff at Brooklyn, NY, Bangalore and Hyderabad in India have a proven track record of implementing state-of-the-art software development methodologies and managing the delivery of best-of-breed software products on time and within budget. With our cutting-edge, global project execution strategy.

EMC Consulting group can handle complex projects and deliver top-quality solutions at extremely competitive rates. ASP.NET, Active-X, COM/DCOM, Java, J2EE, Servlets, JSP, EJB, SyBase, XML, SOAP,CGI, Perl, PHP, Oracle, MS SQL Server, MS Access, MySQL, Informix,Windows 9X/NT/2000, UNIX, Linux.


Having quick access to your accounting software and financial information is key for your business to manage its financial stability. At Adali Soft we can develop an ERP solution that connects seamlessly to your Corporate Accounting back end. Not only can this solution be beneficial to your operations but will also integrate your company leveraging the use of the Internet as a powerful tool. Adali Soft provides client value through management and information technology services related to implementing major Enterprise Resource Planning packages such as PeopleSoft and SAP.

Data Conversion

EMC Consulting Group provides full range of quality data conversion, file conversion and media conversion services that are both timely and cheaply. We guarantee the confidentiality of the data that you provide. No copies of media are retained. All printed material and magnetic media will be returned or destroyed.

Data Conversion using following file format:
  1. Convert from/to Backup Program Format
  2. Convert ASCII from/to EBCDIC
  3. Add/Remove/Change Record Delimiters
  4. Convert "Label" or "Report" Format Data to Database
  5. ASCII Fixed Width/Delimited to/from Database
  6. Convert from/to Packed Fields
  7. Convert from dBase/Clipper/xBase++/FoxPro etc. to any other format
  8. Word Perfect/MS Word
  9. Comma Delimited/SDF/Tab Text/MS Access
  10. Excel/Lotus/Quattro Pro
  11. Media conversion from/to any of the below formats
  12. IBM Mainframe 3480/3490 Cartridge ( 18 track ASCII/EBCDIC )
  13. 9-track magnetic tape reel ( 1600/3200/6250 bpi ASCII/EBCDIC )
  14. CD-ROM/Jaz Drive/Zip Drive/Floppy